Best Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym - Health Orane

Best Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym - Health Orane

Best Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

Looking for some best ways to get fit? You have many, of which one is gym but you avoid that may be due to your hectic schedules or you can’t afford being a part of some club or you are afraid of that heavy weights and exercise and looking for some more easier and better ways to do that as you think results from gym are temporary. These are the best ways to get fit without gym.

Best Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

Walking is a part of day to day routine but makes difference is your speed of walking. The speed is what makes your walk count. If walk faster than your normal speed it increases your heart rate and burn more calories. But don’t make things haphazard. Increase your speed but not make a run in your regular work time.

Jogging and running are completely different. Jogging is just a way to keep your mind and body fresh. It is a slow walking process. Running makes more demands on your body than walking. The benefits are greater but so are the risks in terms of injury, says Robin. Make a walk for a minute and the jog. Keep these in an alternate track so that you can keep in a pace with conversation to someone. Vary your running route to make it interesting.

Badminton is another way to keep your body fit without gym. It  is an aerobic activity, which works on your lower and upper body. It will develop your balance, co-ordination, stamina, power and reflexes. But always remember to warm up before playing.

Many of us are fond of dancing. It proves to be a good exercise. But regular dance with no reason may sometimes be boring. So you can try many other activities like cycling and swimming. Especially doing this all theses when you have not done it for years makes it sound more interesting. You can keep all these in co-ordination if performing a single activity on regular basis makes you a bore.

A bit tough comparative to all these activities. But it helps to build your muscle and abs, what actually everyone is fond of. Push up is good activity to burn your calories as it generates a lot of sweat.

One of the best thing about yoga is that you only need a mat to do it. If you are worried about exercises what to do. There are many available CD’s, DVD’s near by at the store.Just see the simplest exercise and help it work your way. Where yoga does not help to burn so much of calories but it increases flexibility and muscle strength.

Not only these but opt for many other activities to get fit without gym. These are the best workout activities with zero expenditure and hard work with best results.

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