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Advanced Biomedical Biomedical (ABL) specialises in the production and supply of custom-made and standard liposomes, lipids and peptides. High quality products are supplied rapidly and we have the expertise to advise upon the best product for your application. ABL also has a number of patented technologies utilising these products, including those for use in clinical diagnostics, drugs of abuse testing, pathogen detection and antibiotic susceptibility. These technologies have particular applications at the point of care due to their ease of use.

DSLabs.comwww.dslabs.comDSL is a leading manufacturer of specialized endocrine in vitro diagnostic test kits. We have an extensive menu of isotopic and non-isotopic assays for routine clinical use and specialized research applications. Online ordering is now available.

HCS Interactant, Integrated Health Care Software Solutions.www.hcsinteractant.comHealthcare information system featuring integrated clinical and financial applications including billing and clinical tools for long-term care, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient providers. The only health care software your organization needs.

iSOFTwww.isoftplc.comWelcome to iSOFT. iSOFT Group plc supplies healthcare IT applications to the whole spectrum of healthcare organisations. Our innovative solutions encompass the clinical, pathology, radiology, pharmacy and patient administration applications in use today by the World’s leading healthcare organisations.

Actiwatch Actigraph: Wrist Actigraphy for sleep, circadian...www.minimitter.comLightweight actigraph, sleep monitoring system based on actigraphy, used extensively in clinical insomnia programs or research applications. Measure circadian rhythms, light exposure and activity levels.

Polymer Laboratories'' Company Websitewww.polymerlabs.comPolymer Laboratories manufactures GPC / SEC & HPLC instrumentation, GPC / SEC & multi detector software, GPC / SEC & HPLC consumables, resins for drug discovery, medicinal / combinatorial chemistry & peptide synthesis and clinical & diagnostic particles for pharma applications. We operate in the USA, UK, Germany, Benelux and France and are supported by a technical worldwide distributor network.

Reliance Software Systems, Inc.www.relware.comReliance Software Systems offers the CDR-Web product suite to acute care organizations. State of the art applications to manage clinical data and integrate hospital infrastructures. Contact us at 1-877-RelWare.

Health Care Systems Integration and Data Warehousing Consultingwww.cwglobalconsult.comHealth Care Consulting Services aimed to improve quality of care, decision support and clinical outcomes using cost effective technologies

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